Invest in your creativity

Show off your creative talents directly to your audience and get rewarded via a decentralized voting based system (Steem)

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The basics are

Share your talent, culture, DIY projects, and passion with the community.

Getting to know your social behaviour, you norms and the way of life of your people is what we care to help show to the world.

Get your work curated by people who are interested in what you share.

Lots of people appreciate the beauty of good work. Someone somewhere is waiting to vote your excellent idea.

Earn reward in Steem.

Rewards will be awarded in Steem token, a cryptocurrency that can be exchanged to any currency with immediate effect.

We value your creative talents

We value the things you are passionate about.

Yes we truly do. Passion is the genesis of genius. By showing the society your inate ability to add value to life through the things you are good at, we hold your skills in high esteem.

We want you to invest your time in your passion.

You can make good use of our platform to achieve your dream. That itch about what you love doing can be made time for and scratched. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.

We want to let people know what you have to offer

Dont isolate your talent, show the world what you are good at, do it with conviction and get noticed.

Who can contribute?

Are you creative? Are you passionate about it? KnackSteem is for you.
Anyone/everyone from all over the world can share their creativity (culture, talents, DIY projects, and so much more)

What is steem?

To pay the contributor’s rewards, Knacksteem will utilize the Steem blockchain. This means the money generated would be in the form of a cryptocurrency called STEEM, which is the token of the steem blockchain. This is done through community voting. Nobody has to pay for the rewards directly. They are generated and distributed using an algorithm called Proof-of-Brain, which encourages people to create and curate quality content.


We have a variety of categories and sub-categories which you can contribute to, according to your area of expertise.


Show the world how to fix things themselves and get rewarded.


Art is creative visual expression. Show the world your skills and wow everyone.


Create a better world by showing love to people you care about. Show it off.


Share your findings with the greater world and earn some rewards


Share your reviews and valuable opinion with the people that matter.


Share your musical talent directly with your audience, and get rewarded.


Smart enough to get even the saddest to laugh? Show it off


Your experience in gaming is welcome. Play, win and share the fun through your review.

About Us

There are over seven(7) billion people in the world today. Each person gifted with one or more talent. The problem is, a large chunk of people making up the world's population, ends up with a career that is not in accordance with their talents. This is mostly due to the fact that their talents are considered not good enough to yield reasonable income, or, they are not given the opportunity to exhibit their talents. Research has shown that a majority of these individuals are not passionate, and are unhappy about the work they do.
Knacksteem, however, seeks to change that narrative by creating a platform where individuals with talents are given a chance to showcase their talents to the world, and also earn income while doing so.

Our aims and objectives are not limited to only rewarding talented individuals. But, through our platform, we are also poised to deliver the following; Diversification of income, Skill promotion, Skill acquisition, Encourage Philanthropy/charity, Legit information distribution.

These objectives show that we intend to do more than just give out reward to skillful individuals, but also, share your valuable knack directly to your niche.

Our Team

Meet our dedicated team of moderator and supervisor. They ensure quality content on this platform


Project Founder




Back-end dev


UI/UX design


Our sponsors (delegators) are eligible for 12% of the initial 15% beneficiary reward. The reward is directly proportional to the share of all Steem Power (SP) delegated.

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